How to use plastering or stucco tools. How to apply the first coat of cement plaster. (510) 521 – 9546 Kirk Giordano Plastering Inc. Howdy guys and gals, Get step-by-step instructions on stucco application & finishing techniques. I was hired by Mark Shure of Shure design and construction. He usually designs and builds custom kitchens with cabinets, but build home additions as well. His simple home phone number is 510 540-1952 He is a heck of a craftsman and great to work with also. How to use plastering or stucco tools. Thanks for reading or watching and have a groovy day! kirk Giordano plastering
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Sometimes we just don’t have a sharpening stone when we need it. Perhaps we forgot it at home.. or maybe we lost it out of our kit. What can be used in the bush when you don’t have tools and sharpeners available? Take a look with us as we use other things to keep a fine edge on our knives.
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