BMW: “FWD vehicles will be embraced just like BMW SUVs”

BMW: “FWD vehicles will be embraced just like BMW SUVs”
That was a question of car size, and RWD was the concept for that. “[The front-drive concept is] really coming from this relation between the space for the technology inside, the drivetrain, the suspension, the outside dimensions of the car. “We are …
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School vehicles 'bandh' on Nov 19
Schools said that when they tried adjusting the emergency exits in the vehicles to the required dimensions of 5×4 feet, the vehicle seemed unstable. They also said finding conductors with the required educational qualifications was proving difficult …
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Say goodbye to a big, boxy truck
But as time passed it grew in size and became a three-row, truck-based SUV. The last model was a compromise — the second and third rows of seats were cramped and the pickup truck platform that it was based on was heavy and didn't inspire the driver.
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