Old Name, New Shape

Ultraman MAT car
car mats

Image by JOE WU
A patrol car from Japanese SF series Ultraman.
It made by Tomy in black box.

Old Name, New Shape
It had the six-speed automatic transmission, carpeted floor mats, and a first aid kit listed as options. (Be aware that if you go to Hyundai's website, their pricing info doesn't match up with the window sticker of the test car.) Standard transmission …
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BMW X1 Powder Ride Limited Edition to be unveiled at 2012 LA Auto Show
The creative meeting of minds between BMW and K2 has inspired both the concept car which will be revealed at the 2012 Los Angeles Autoshow and a limited-run special edition variant of the all-new BMW X1. The BMW X1 Powder Ride Edition, due to arrive …
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