Skinny Vegan Diet – How to Have That Super Model Body Now!

Ever considered yourself looking like a real life hot model? If you are one of those girls who never stop dreaming of becoming the next top model, you can stop dreaming now because here is the answer now, the Skinny Vegan Diet. First released December 30, 2005, a best seller book that talked about this diet was written by 2 renowned people: Roy Freedman and Kim Barnouin, a former model herself. They had put in their wildest and brightest ideas and compiled this into a book which became recognized 2 years after its first publication which is on 2007. What started the craze about this book was when famous singer Victoria Beckham was seen holding this book while on her leisure time at Los Angeles. The book gained its popularity in the United Kingdom in May 2007 and in the United States two months after that.

There are 3 guiding principles of a Skinny Vegan Diet and you should know all these by heart:

1. For the skinny vegetarians, you should learn how to respect the life of any animals in this world hence, they should not be eaten at any time at all. Any animals like fish, cows, pigs, lambs, among others should not be killed and consumed by any human being. Otherwise, you are depriving these animals of their right to live.

2. The Skinny Vegan Diet revolves only on anything natural. A person who wants to be a super model can only eat natural foods like beans, fresh vegetables, and fresh fruits. This involves eating fruits which are absolutely healthy like acai fruit as it contains a lot of antioxidants and vitamins and minerals necessary for a healthy living.

3. Last principle for the Skinny Vegan Diet is for people to learn to live a simple and healthy lifestyle by going back to basics. Because you will only be eating all natural and fresh foods, you do not need to know how to cook and you can live by just eating raw vegetables and fruits.

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